Cut and Paste Shapes Worksheets

We’ve received many requests for new activities for our PreK and kindergarten audience. These cut and paste shapes worksheets¬† are super fun activities for 3 to 5 year olds. And give your little one lots of practice in multiple skills. They get to work on shape recognition, matching and fine motor development. Little ones always look forward to using scissors to make a fun project. Your young student will improve their tracing, cutting and pasting with consistent practice. These printable pages are FILLED with a variety of fun shapes for your kiddo to identify and manipulate into a fun picture. These also provide great coloring practice, as they can color the pages before they cut the shape or after they’ve matched and pasted them into onto the picture.

Cut and Paste Shapes Worksheets


These activities will keep your young one busy learning for a great deal of time. All you need is paper, scissors and a glue stick. And they require little supervision, ultimately giving you more free time.

Cut and Paste Shapes Worksheets

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