Cultivating Joy and Self Confidence

It only takes a little intention to create a big-time healthy routine of cultivating joy and self confidence. The Positive Thinking Journal provides a safe, creative place for your child to write down their thoughts, feelings and reflections in just a few minutes every day.

This New Year is the perfect time to help your child set healthy goals. Mindfulness routines don’t have to take a lot of time. Spending just a few minutes in this journal each day, your child will experience positive transformations like:

  • Self discovery through simple journal prompts that get them thinking about how truly unique they are.
  • Mindful reflection of each day focusing on the positive things that happened.
  • Creative expression through guided writing, coloring and drawing prompts that cultivate self confidence through affirmation.
  • Your child’s observations help them see daily opportunities to think positively, help others, extend kindness, and love themselves more!

ALL of these amazing wins in one beautiful little book. And we haven’t even told you about the EXTRAS you get with your purchase!

Helping your child learn to plan and prepare is teaching them lifelong skills and setting them up for success.
The bonuses offered today provide you with simple tools to do that!

When you purchase The Positive Thinking Journal for your child, you receive these 4 digital bonuses to download instantly:

  • Planning & Organizing Bundle for KidsSimplify the planning and organizing of your month, week and day, while offering the creativity of coloring your own page designs! This bundle provides you with simple tools to help create routines and systems that work best for you and your family.
  • Goal Setting Activities with Printable Rewards System These activity sheets simplify brainstorming to identify a goal, creating a deadline to achieve the goal and then breaking it down into daily action steps.
  • 2022 Coloring Calendar You and your child will set up your year for success with this fun planning tool.  Be prepared for weekly activities and record important upcoming events.
  • Mindfulness for Kids Drawing Book Feel relaxed & mindful while drawing beautiful mandalas with this fun, creative and approachable mindfulness book for kids! Part activity book, part art journal, this book gives kids practical tools to put mindfulness into action.

This offer ends on January 10th, so ACT NOW!

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Positive Thinking Journal

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5 Star Reviews of the Positive Thinking Journal:

A must for every tween, teen or young adult. I’m in love with this book. What an incredible mix of coloring, note taking, reflections and positive grateful journaling. In a world that is so competitive and stressful, this book provides a grounding outlet for young people to focus on the joyful moments and blessings in their lives. This is a must for any holiday or birthday gift. I can’t recommend it enough.
-Ruth Mendes, Parent and Educator


“I ordered this journal as a gift for my 10 year old. She loves it! It is well written, and I love the positivity and the words of encouragement throughout.
I would highly recommend this book!

-Bradley Schwarz, Parent

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For 13 years, Woo! Jr. has provided thousands of resources to over 55 million people. We are on a mission to produce books that allow kids to build knowledge, express their talent, and grow into creative, compassionate human beings. Elementary education teachers, day care professionals, and parents have come to rely on Woo! Jr. for high quality, engaging, and innovative content that children LOVE.

Woo! Jr. teamed with its marketing coordinator, Cameon Galli, to create this simple, immersive journaling experience. Cameon is a mom of two daughters (ages 9 and 11). She has been reflecting and doodling in journals since she was a young girl. This lifelong practice of self discovery became the cornerstone for a routine designed around being present and mindful. She is passionate about helping children cultivate confidence while nurturing their creativity. She uses relatable content to help children establish healthy habits that encourage them in the art of finding gratitude and joy, even during times of struggle.

Learn More About the Positive Thinking Journal

This gratitude diary for children gives your kids hundreds of gratitude journal prompts, self-care planner activities, and positive thinking exercises that help boost their self-esteem.

Help your kids focus on the happy things in life. Tiny acts of gratitude can change the way your kids think and feel day-to-day. With these journal prompts and positive affirmations for kids, this journal for kids encourages your child to be vocal about the things that make them happy and look on the bright side each and every day. Explore mindfulness for kids with affirmations coloring pages, too!

Make a habit out of positive thinking. Journaling is a great way to reminisce on your days. With the Positive Thinking Journal, your kids can form the habit of journaling, and keeping track of everything they are grateful for and the positive things that happened in their day. These kid-friendly journal pages have a variety of gratitude journal prompts to help your little ones focus on the best things in their lives.

Inside the Positive Thinking Journal, you’ll find:

  • Gratitude-filled journal prompts
  • Inspirational quotes and positive affirmations for kids
  • Guided journal pages
  • Self-care planning ideas
  • 12 monthly calendars to plan, reflect or use as mood trackers
  • Positive sayings coloring pages