Creatively Cooking with Kids

We love pairing children’s books with activities and experiences that create lasting memories. So we were thrilled to have an opportunity to share one of our  new favorites with you! And excited to walk through the fun experience of creatively cooking with kids!

Creatively Cooking with Kids

First, if you have yet to meet Rose Honey, we’d love to introduce you! She has become a social media sensation, always cooking beside her parents. Her radiant smile, animated personality, and overall JOY light up the space she’s in! Oh, and did I mention that she’s not yet three? We have been following Rose Honey’s family for over a year now and we absolutely love their hands on approach to intentional parenting and healthy living. They model how simple it can be to make cooking with kids a part of your daily life.

Rose Honey’s parents are the Flavcity duo, Dessi and Bobby Parrish (best-selling authors of Keto Meal Prep and Flavcity’s 5 Ingredient Meals.) They have created a family culture of cooking together, and are passionate about sharing their healthy lifestyle and tips to millions of followers. The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey

The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey – Chocolate Chip Cookies is a delightful story! Within the story we join Rose Honey for a day as she creates one of her favorite treats. It is beautifully illustrated and cowritten by Kaloyan Nachev, Dessi’s brother, which makes this book even more special! (See Rose Honey in action in her book unboxing video.)

Follow along with my nine year old daughter as she whips together Rose Honey’s chocolate chip cookies! Hopefully, you will also witness the wins that Rose Honey’s book inspired in one afternoon.

Creatively Cooking with Kids

My husband comes from a long line of culinary masters. He loves cooking and is always looking for opportunities to share our kitchen space with the kids. During this particular experience, he’s behind the scenes as he lets our daughter take on the role as “master baker” to show how fulfilling the experience of creatively cooking with kids is!

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She was excited to use baking ingredients we’ve never tried before like arrowroot starch and coconut sugar. She carefully measured every ingredient per the recipe, and just like Rose Honey did in her story.

There are many life skills to be learned in the kitchen. Using the mixer requires care and patience, and makes blending the ingredients together so much fun!

“All the ingredients came together in one magical cookie dough.” – Rose Honey (and this young one 😉 )


Time to bake! Patiently waiting as the sweet delicious smell fills the house.

Waiting is the hardest part!

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Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Her face says it all! This baking experience was a HUGE success! We’re giving The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey a 5-STAR review!

Ultimately, this was a lovely bonding experience for my husband and daughter to share. Not only did it boost her culinary confidence, she learned new life skills and they shared a memory that will last a lifetime!

Order Rose Honey’s books HERE!

The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey

Also, be sure to follow Rose Honey on Instagram.

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