Crayon Roll Gift Sewing Tutorial

Crayon Roll Gift Sewing Tutorial

Let me show you how to whip up the perfect homemade gift for a little one with this Crayon Roll Gift Sewing Tutorial! You can put one of these together in about an hour, and it’s a great project for beginner to intermediate sewers. Here’s what you’ll need!

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Crayon Roll Gift Sewing Tutorial


  • Markers or crayons to fill it with.
  • Hair tie.
  • Large button.
  • Thin quilt batting.
  • Two coordinating cotton print fabrics. Quilting fabric is great for this.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Pins.

I made this pattern to fit mini color wonder markers, large toddler crayons, and standard sized crayons.

I’ll be referring to specific colors to make following the directions easier. For the front and back pieces, cut one blue and one orange piece at 6 inches x 17.5 inches. Cut a piece of the quilt batting to 6 inches x 17.5 inches as well. For the pocket, cut an orange piece at 7.25 inches x 17.5 inches. Now go ahead and take the pocket piece, and fold it in half lengthwise. Along the open bottom edge, make a mark on each end at 0.5 inch in, and from those marks, make a mark every 1.5 inches. These 1.5 inch spaces will be the little pockets for your markers.

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Now set down you blue front piece with the right side up, and place your pocket piece on top, with the open fold touching the bottom of the blue piece. Pin it in place, and stitch straight up the pocket piece where each of the marks is at. If you have difficulty sewing a straight line freehand, feel free to lightly mark the fabric all the way up the pocket to help guide you.

Now it’s time to make a fabric sandwich to put this whole thing together. Take your orange back piece and lay it right side up. Now lay your blue front piece with the pocket right side down on top of it. Top it all with the piece of quilt batting, and pin it all together.

Make sure to leave a 2-3 inch space at the bottom unsewn, so you have a gap to turn it right side out. Also, leave a 1/2 inch opening on the center of one short side unsewn so you have a space to insert the hair tie. Stitch all the way around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, making sure to leave those gaps open. Then use your scissors to trim the corners like shown. This makes the corner nice an clean when you turn it right side out.

Find the gap you left for the hair tie, and insert the hair tie into the gap between the two layers of fabric, with most of the hair tie inside the fabric. When you turn it right side out, you’ll have a large elastic loop. Go ahead and stitch over the hair tie 3 or 4 times to secure it in place.

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Now go ahead and turn your project right side out, using a chopstick or pen tip to help push out the corners. It should look like this now! Let’s take care of that big gap at the bottom. Turn those edges inwards, and iron them to keep them in place and also iron the rest of the piece flat. Next you’re going to put the whole project back into your sewing machine, and stitch all the way around, 1/8 inch in from the edge. Make sure to catch that open gap, and you’re all good!

See how pretty? Let’s add the button closure. Just fill it up with your markers, and roll it closed.

Stretch the hair tie around the roll to about 70% of it’s full stretch, and mark that spot with your pencil. Now just stitch your big button down right there, being careful to only go through the top layer of fabric.

This is how the back should look now! Feel free to add extra buttons if you’ll be using vastly different sizes or amounts of markers or crayons frequently. This roll can hold 11 short markers, 22 large toddler crayons, or 33 standard sized crayons! And it’s just so bright and colorful!

I hope you all find this Crayon Roll Gift Sewing Tutorial helpful when making gifts for others or for your own little ones!

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