Craft Stick Star of David Craft

When I was a young teacher I had the opportunity to teach as a long term sub at a small Jewish school. It was such  great learning experience for me. The other teachers and the families were so welcoming, and they taught me so much. And, my favorite time there was the weeks leading up to Hanukkah. There was excitement in the air, and the art projects were all a little more special. But, one of my favorite projects that we made while I was there were the Craft Stick Star of David Craft projects the kids and I made.

Craft Stick Star of David Craft

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Star of David Craft Stick Craft

Craft Stick Craft Project for Kids Supplies:

  • Craft sticks.
  • Paint and paint brush.
  • School glue.
  • Optional – yarn or ribbon to create a banner. 

For this project, I just made one Star of David. However, when my boys were younger and I was teaching them about Hanukkah, we made a bunch of stars and glued them to a ribbon to make a sweet homemade Hanukkah banner for our fireplace mantel. If you are making these with your class, you could do the same thing and hang it in the classroom too.

Let’s get started on this simple Hanukkah project!

First, gather your supplies. You will need six craft sticks for each star.

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Use three craft sticks to create a triangle. Then, add a dot of glue to the three corners. Repeat this with the remaining three craft sticks. Allow the two triangles to dry.

After the triangles are dry, carefully glue one triangle on the other triangle to create a six sided star. I used clothespins to clamp the triangles and glue together while they dried.

Finally, once the glue is dry, you can paint your star(s).

If you are making a banner, allow the paint to fully dry and then use a dot of hot glue on the back of each star to secure them to ribbon.

That’s it! I hope this Craft Stick Star of David Craft has inspired you to create Hanukkah crafts and memories this season!

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