Coloring Pages for Girls Young & Old

I have raised three children – two girls and one boy. My youngest girl was very much girly girl. My boy was a rough and tumble boy’s boy. But my oldest girl was a total tomboy. So I’ve never been able to recycle any of the activities I did with them when they were little – each had their own very distinct personalities.

I say this because I’m not a huge fan of gender stereotypes, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to even put together a collection of coloring pages just for girls or boys. But I must admit, these very feminine drawings would have been adored by my youngest girl… and here’s a little secret. I like to color, too. And some of these drawings are intricate enough to appeal to the little girl inside of me that just wants to chill out with a box of crayons for a few hours (especially near the bottom of the page – sorry for the long scroll, there’s a LOT of coloring pages here!).

45 Coloring Pages for Girls Young & Old

For those of you who like to keep your coloring activities gender neutral, might I suggest our educational coloring pages category? LOTS of fun to be had over there!

Princess and Horse Coloring Pages

I just love the illustration style of these princesses and horses. If I could draw people, I’d want to draw them just like this!

Ballet Coloring Pages

We aren’t really a very coordinated kind of family. So ballet classes were never on the request list with my girls. It’s too bad, because I would have loved getting those costumes for them!

Mermaid Coloring Pages

I’ve always loved this set of mermaids. The one with the girl looking into the shell is one of my all time favorites on Woo! Jr.!

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Cinderella Coloring Pages

I loved Cinderella as a kid. I love even more all the modern remakes of this story into movies with a more empowering theme than ‘wait for prince charming to rescue you from your chores’!

Historical Women Coloring Pages

For girls with an interest in strong women in history, here’s some royal portraits to color.

Vintage Dresses & Costumed Dolls Coloring Pages

I adore this set of vintage fashion illustrations as coloring pages. I might just break out my colored pencils when I’m done writing this up and put my own spin on that Titanic era dress!

Peacock Coloring Pages

I have a THING for peacocks (including a tattoo!). This set is also great for adults – lots of options for cool intricate colored details. 🙂


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