Coloring Pages for Boys

Snakes, and snails, and puppy dog tails… According to the nursery rhyme, that’s what little boys are made of.  Of course, we know that little boys are so much more than that!  Don’t think that little girls won’t like these coloring pages, too, though.  Whether you’re talking dragons or pirates or exploring the far reaches of space, there’s something here to ignite the imagination of pretty much any child. But these coloring pages for boys are sure be loved by most little dudes.

In addition to coloring in the pages, they also offer kiddos the chance to create their own stories.  Ask your little ones about what’s happening in the pictures.  If they had a pet dragon, what would they name it?  What kind of treasure does the pirate keep in his treasure chest?  What kind of mischief does their robot like to get into, or how does it help them around the house?

50+ Coloring Pages for Boys

And for those of you not really into gendered stereotypes, check out our educational coloring pages for both boys and girls!

Pirate Coloring Pages

Ahoy there, mateys!  No land lubbers allowed around here!  Raise the Jolly Roger and get ready to swab the deck or you might find yourself walking the plank with these pirate coloring pages.

Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragons have shown up in so many different cultures, from the ornate carvings of China to the stories of bravery from Western Europe.  There’s something about these mythical creatures with their intelligence and ability to fly that children (and many adults) find incredibly fascinating.  Whether they’re guarding treasure or soaring through the skies, the dragons in these coloring pages are sure to spark your kids’ imaginations.

Medieval Knight Coloring Pages

Knights are known for their bravery and loyalty, and those are some pretty great qualities to encourage in today’s modern kids, too!

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Space Coloring Pages

Is your kiddo an aspiring astronomer or astronaut?  Fuel that interest in science with these fund space coloring pages.

Aliens Coloring Pages

Silly or scary?  Take your pick with a variety of alien coloring pages!

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