Colorful Pasta Necklace Craft

Colorful Pasta Necklace Craft

Hi there! Today let’s make this cute and Colorful Pasta Necklace Craft. This is a fast and easy project to keep the kids busy, and a fun way to little ones to work on painting and bead stringing motor skills. Here’s what you’ll need!

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Colorful Pasta Necklace Craft


  • Pasta with big holes. I like penne or rigatoni for this.
  • Baker’s twine or thin yarn.
  • Kids paint pens (these are great for less messy painting) or paint and paintbrush.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper plate or other surface to paint on.

Start by measuring and cutting the string for your necklace, making sure it can easily slip over your head. To figure out how much pasta you need, just line it up along your necklace, leaving about two inches of string at each end. Now set your pasta on your painting surface, and start painting!

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Paint all your pasta a variety of fun, bright colors. I even painted the ones I wanted to be yellow so they were a bit brighter than standard dry pasta color. When you’re done, let your pasta dry completely. Depending on the paint you use, this could be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. Make sure they’re completely dry and the color won’t rub off or transfer before you start working with them. Now just go ahead and start stringing your pasta onto the string.

You can play with the pattern until you’re happy with how it looks. Some kids just love sitting there and stringing on different colors for a while and trying new patterns. It’s so good for their little hands! When you’re ready to make your necklace, just tie the two ends together. You’re all done! My little one loved his fun necklace!

I hope you enjoy making this Colorful Pasta Necklace Craft with your little ones! You can even make bracelets or anklets too.

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