Civil Rights Facts and Printable Activities

If you are looking for a resource to engage your child on important topics of racism, discrimination, social justice and prejudice, Civil Rights Then and Now is for you. This social justice guide is a tool for resourceful parents and educators. It is armed with civil rights facts and social justice topics from a historical perspective to the modern present day. It will inspire lessons, cultivate deep thinking, and foster contemplation for rich discussion. Ultimately, this book will enrich your child’s learning experience. Below is a set of supplemental worksheets with civil rights facts and printable activities to share with your students as you go through the book.

Civil Rights Facts and Printable Activities (2)

Below, you’ll find:

  • Vocabulary list suitable for developing minds
  • Questions to promote healthy discussion
  • Essay and journal prompts with processing concepts and topics

Crash Course in Social Justice

Civil Rights Facts and Printable Activities

It’s up to us to do what we can with our children to break the patterns of systemic racism. This book helps do that.

Join us in using this valuable resource to engage our kids in difficult conversations and open up deeper discussions to become a better ally. Get your copy HERE today!

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