Christmas Word Ladders

A friend of mine that is a teacher told me recently how much she loves giving word ladders to her 3rd grade students. I didn’t realize teachers would prefer them over word searches because they are better teaching tools. Since then I’ve found that they are a little challenging to put together! It’s not easy having to run through the alphabet 30+ times trying to put together a string of words that work!! So that’s why I’m really happy I was able to come up with these Christmas themed word ladders – with Christmas words, no less! Trust me, it wasn’t easy!!

It was worth it, though. Check out how cute these are! One of the great things about word puzzles like this is that kids can get so caught up in the challenge or the “game” that they totally overlook the fact that they’re actually learning something. Once they’ve finished the word ladder portion of the puzzle, they can also use these as fun Christmas coloring pages. They work great as an entry task because the coloring page aspect means that kids who figure out the letters faster than their classmates will have something to keep them busy and from distracting others. It’s pretty much a win-win.

And, just in case you don’t actually want to spend¬†your time figuring out the answers–or maybe you do, they are pretty fun, after all–we’ve included an answer key that you can print out, as well. Hey, we’re all about making teachers’ and parents’ lives a little easier while making their kiddos’ lives a little more fun!

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