Christmas Printable Paper Angels

We are always searching for unique beautiful ornaments for our home during the Christmas season. This year we bring you these darling Christmas printable paper angels to add a splash of diversity to your traditional holiday decor. Adorn your tree or mantel with these sweet angels that are easy to create. Or use these lovely angels to design your own festive garland using colorful ribbon or twine.

Christmas Printable Paper Angels

Your angel’s assembly instructions are simple, and the only supplies you need are printer paper, scissors and tape.

Step 1) Print your angel.

Step 2) Carefully cut along the dotted lines. There is a little notch to cut at the base of the angel’s neck. Cutting that will make shaping your angel easier.

Step 3) Fold the wings in toward the angel’s dress. (I found that it was actually easier to fold each wing out first to form the crease along the line and then back in toward the angel.)

Step 4) Bend your angel’s dress away from you into a cone shape and tape the inside bottom hem. Reinforce the hem with another tape strip on the outside of your angel’s wings.

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Here’s a photo of the assembled angel from the back side:

Assembling these printable paper angels

Christmas Printable Paper Angels

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  1. Katherine

    Thank you so much for these! They’re absolutely beautiful! And just what I needed in the last-minute rush up to Christmas!

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