Christmas Cryptogram Puzzles

I’m so excited to share a new set of Christmas cryptogram puzzles that are great for both kids and adults! Every page has two secret code style puzzles, and all of them are based on the names of well known holiday carols and songs. The hint for each puzzle is a line from the song. Some will be really easy, some might need some investigating. No googling allowed! 🙂 You can use these in your classroom or office holiday party in a variety of ways. Use them as ice breakers by pairing up people who don’t know each other well. Use them as a time filler in class when some students complete work faster than others. Or print them out and place them at a ‘station’ that people can stop by as part of many other stations. Or use them at the staff party and see who knows a lot of Christmas carols by heart!

Christmas Cryptogram Puzzles

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Printable Christmas Cryptogram Puzzles

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