Christmas Ad Libs Fill-In Word Game Printables


I’d have to say our ad lib word games have got to be some of our most popular content of all! The Halloween worksheets and Thanksgiving worksheets have been especially loved. So here is a new set of Christmas fill in the blank stories – and you might also like these ad libs for any time of the year.

New this year! 12 more Christmas ad libs word games!

Download 290+ pages of Christmas activities all at once here!

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  1. Steve-sensei

    I just tried a couple in a Japanese JHS with an advanced esl student and a native speaker.
    We were in tears with laughter!
    They are great fun, educational and easily accessible. I thank you.
    Merry Christmas 2019.

  2. Sissel Paulsen

    I love these christmas stories where you have to be an active participant, but I find it hard myself to find the « correct»word that fits the content. ( i am a norwegian english teacher) is there a possibilty to see a completed sheet ? A proposed solution. It would be so great. If it doesn`t exist, is there a forum where one can share different ideas? Love to hear from you.

    1. Post author
      Wendy Piersall

      Hi Sissel – Ad libs are more of a game than a worksheet. The fill-in-the-blanks are for *any* word, there is no one *correct* word, and no answer keys. For example, by placing the hint “noun” underneath, the children are to choose any word that is a noun. They then read the story with the filled-in words, and the story should be quite funny with unexpected words that can produce unpredictable results. I hope that explains better how these worksheets are used!

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  7. tracy

    i got the sheets for my daughters friend and my daughters friend love the sheets but my daughter wanted to try out the sheets to.i printed up a couple and my daughter did them and ever since she has been doing them for ever!i am so happy and so is she for getting smarter!

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