Chocolate Spoon Craft – Makes a Great Teacher’s Gift!

My three-year-old and I made these as party favors when it was my turn to host Bunco night at the house, but we also packed some up and took them to her teachers at preschool.  The idea was to use them to stir into your coffee, but I found that many of the ladies were perfectly content to just eat the goodies right off the spoon!

Make Chocolate Coffee Spoons

You can change this craft up for just about any holiday or occasion by altering the sprinkles and candy colors.

Credit for this chocolate spoon craft goes to Mr. P. at DelicousDeliciousDelicous.  His are absolutely beautiful, so I recommend you take a look over there, too.

What you need to make this chocolate spoon craft:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Chocolate chips
  • Sprinkles and/or small candies
  • A book
  • A bowl



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What I Learned the Hard Way:  It takes them a little while to set up, so don’t make them 15 minutes before the party starts.


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