Celebrate Christmas in July

Every year our family looks for ways to lengthen our Christmas season. We are ones that decorate our home for the holidays on Thanksgiving weekend and keep it up until New Years (sometimes even after the new year). So the thought to celebrate Christmas in July is pretty exciting around here! And Woo! Jr has a plethora of Christmas activities, crafts and ideas to help you create an entire month of Christmas-themed fun. This brand new set of printable activities includes something for ages PreK to fourth or fifth grade. From tracing and coloring pages to word scrambles, there’s a little something for everyone here. And if you’re looking for more kids activity ideas, just search for the keyword “Christmas” on our homepage.

Celebrate Christmas in July

Full disclosure, I didn’t even know that Christmas in July was an actual event, until just recently. I thought it was simply a marketing ploy for retailers to get an early start on selling. However, word has it that Christmas is actually celebrated in the summer in the southern hemisphere. It makes sense to me since that is the peak of their winter season. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate such a wonderful holiday twice a year? (I actually came across this article Life Journey 4 Two – Christmas in July: Ultimate Guide to Mid-Year Cheer that was quite insightful.)

Thus, I am ALL IN this year! And I hope you are also inspired to add a little midsummer Christmas celebration to your July.

Celebrate Christmas in July

You might also want to add these Christmas ad Libs into your Christmas in July festivities. 😉

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