Car Games for Kids: Play Road Trip Bingo!

No matter how old my kids get, keeping them occupied while we’re driving as a family is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE to staying sane. Even as young adults, they will STILL fight about who is on who’s side, who’s turn it is with the DS/iPad/Kindle/whatever. It gets old fast, amiright?! 🙂 So plan ahead by bringing along plenty of car games!

So, here’s a printable travel game to keep your kids paying attention to the road and NOT paying attention to each other. Road trip bingo! There are 9 total playing cards here, so you can rotate them, continue to play multiple rounds, or have enough for a whole mini-bus load of kids.

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How to Play Road Trip Bingo

Unlike our other printable bingo games, there are no calling cards – you play by finding road signs and marking them off with a pen or pencil. Each playing card has a slightly different combination of road signs so that when one person spots a sign, everyone gets to mark it off. Signs to look for will be found on all kinds of roads – inner city, country, highways, and suburbs. Not all cards have the same signs, there are 18 different signs used: do not enter, narrow bridge, no passing zone, road grade %, T intersection, lane ends merge left, deer crossing, dip, railroad crossing, truck lane, loose gravel, no pedestrians, no u-turn, road median, tractors on road, rough road, scenic area, and my personal favorite while driving: work zone ends.

Even though this will come in handy this summer, be sure to bookmark the page for when you travel during Thanksgiving and Christmas to see the family!

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