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I’m really enjoying my summer lately, and it’s only going to get worse. I’ve totally got the summer vacation bug this year. Last year we were totally broke, spending more than $500 a month on gas, so our summer kind of stunk. This year we’re having much more fun!! Going camping for a weekend is such an easy and affordable way to get away from everything, and it truly feels like a mini-vacation. So today, here’s a set of camping coloring pages to print.

Other than bugs (I hate bugs), there’s a whole lot to love about camping.  I already mentioned that it’s a pretty affordable way to have a family vacation, but it’s also a wonderful way to create memories to be cherished forever.  What kid doesn’t love the chance to stuff their face with gooey s’mores made with marshmallows they toasted themselves?

Getting out into nature has been shown to be really healthy for our bodies, but it also provides all kinds of learning opportunities for young and old alike.  Did you find a fallen tree in the woods? Count the rings to see how old it is!  Wonder what the heck that awesome flower is?  Look it up in your field guide! And don’t forget to introduce the kids to the word “scat” while identifying what kind of animals are around based on their poop!

Camping also gives us a chance to see how our ancestors lived.  From cooking over an open fire to not having Internet access (the horror!), there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied, although sometimes you have to be creative.  Swimming, hiking, or just poking the fire with a stick…Camping is a time to let go of the trappings of modern life in order to focus on other things.

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