Dragonfly Kids Craft with Buttons and Popsicle Sticks

Spring is nearly here, and I am starting see the dragonflies in the yard. I love the way they fly so gracefully around the flowers. I used to keep the dead dragonflies I found in a magnifying case for my students to examine when I was a teacher. My kids also loved looking through the dragonfly eye glasses I kept in the classroom too. And, this button dragonfly kids craft project was always one of our favorites.

Dragonfly Kids Craft

Button Dragonfly Craft for Preschoolers

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Dragonfly Preschool Craft Project Supplies:

  • Buttons.
  • Craft stick.
  • School glue.
  • Pipe cleaner.

Dragonflies have been on the earth since the dinosaurs roamed, and their fossils can be found all over. They are a food source in some parts of Asia, and a medicine in other parts. While I can’t imagine eating one, I do enjoy watching them float through the sky!

Let’s get started. First, gather your supplies. You will needs eight to ten buttons, a popsicle craft stick, a pipe cleaner, and school glue to make this dragonfly kids craft. I used a larger button for the head, and smaller ones for the body.

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Now that you have all of your supplies, add a thin line of glue on the popsicle craft stick. Then, line the buttons up on the craft stick over the glue.

Glue on the buttons for the dragonfly craft

Next, twist the pipe cleaner into a figure eight shape, securing the ends together with a few twists. Then, glue the pipe cleaner to the back side of the craft stick. You may need to hold the pipe cleaner in place for a minute or two while the glue dries. Or, you could use a hot glue gun.

Glue on the Dragonfly Wings

Dragonfly Kids Craft with Buttons and Popsicle Sticks

That’s it! I hope this cute little Button Dragonfly Kids Craft inspires you to make your own pretty little dragonfly. You could even make larger ones with big buttons! I love versatile craft projects!

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