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Bunnies have a soft spot in my heart – we had pet white rabbits when we were kids. They were so cute!! These bunny rabbit coloring pages are my latest addition to our coloring pages of animals series, which are big sets of animal coloring pages sorted by species. If you want one group of practically every species on the planet, check out our 100 animal coloring pages set!

Of course, rabbits are most on our minds at Easter time, what with the Easter Bunny and all.  Bunnies are a symbol of spring and of fertility, for sure, but they’re also just so darn adorable.  Long ears.  Fluffy tails.  Twitchy noses.  I just can’t even handle it!

While we did have rabbits as pets when I was a child, it’s always good to remember that bunnies take a lot of work, and they are a long-term commitment.  What starts off as precious addition to an Easter basket (not to mention the cutest photo op) grows up to be a living, breathing pet that requires feeding, veterinary appointments, and someone to clean up after it!  If you’re ready for that kind of responsibility, it might also be a good idea to see if your area has a rabbit rescue organization from which you can adopt a pet that needs a home.

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One of the coolest things about bunnies is all the different varieties.  They range from “dwarf” to “giant” and can be solid, spotted, or multi-colored.  Lops have those floppy ears, angoras are crazy amounts of soft, and “lionhead” rabbit has a fluffy mane around its head.  In fact, rabbits are so well loved, that their are people who dedicate their lives to breeding, raising, and showing these animals in competitions.  In the US, many of them belong to the American Rabbit Breeders Association, plus there are specialty clubs for various breeds.  And here you thought they were just something the occasional magician pulled out of a hat!

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