BuJo Habit Trackers for Teens

Building good habits is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. While everything is running a bit slower it’s a great time to start building new habits! So, I wanted to show you how to make three easy and cute BuJo Habit Trackers!

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Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Teens

These only require basic supplies that you probably have already if you’re into bullet journaling or love stationery supplies. I’ll show you three layouts step by step, and then you can make them your own!

Supplies (galaxy layout):

  • Black, purple, and dark blue tombow dual brush pens
  • Tombow colorless blender (or you could try a damp cotton swab)
  • Black micron pen
  • Sparkly gel pen
  • White gel pen

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Let’s make a galaxy header for our habit tracker page. Start by scribbling blobs of all three colors close together. Then take a colorless blender pen (or a damp cotton swab, assuming you’re working with water based markers) and start blending the colors together.

Keep blending, making sure not to get the paper too wet, until they colors are soft and swirled together. Let the brush pen dry, and then use your white gel pen to draw stars, moons, and constellations! Do the same thing at the bottom of your page to create a header and a footer. Now take your sparkly pen, and write down the name of one of the habits.

Then with a Micron or other non-smearing pen, go ahead and write the days of the month underneath. Repeat this for all of your habits. Now when you complete a habit, all you have to do is highlight the day you did the habit!

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Teens

And you’re all done with your galaxy habit tracker. Let’s move on to the next design!

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Supplies (coffee shelves layout):

  • Brown and teal mild liners or markers
  • Black Micron pen
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge or ruler

At the top of your page draw a long very thin rectangle. Then draw two short rectangles coming down from it at either end. Yep, that’s how easy it is to draw a shelf! Doodling is easy when you remember that it’s all just shapes. Now you’re going to write out one small calendar that matches your monthly calendar. This way we know how big to make our boxes.

Go ahead and make one of these boxes for every habit you want to work on. Make sure to leave lots of space above each box for a header. At the bottom of your page, draw another shelf and then doodle some cute coffee cups on it! Or you can draw plants, kitties, or cameras. Whatever you would like! Also, fill in all the dates on your calendars.

Now just go over all your pencil lines with pen, and then erase all your pencil marks!

Color in your shelves and your coffee cups. And take your highlighter and make a header spot on the top shelf and above each habit box. Fill in all your habit names and title with your pen!

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Teens

And you’re done! You just highlight or color over each date as you complete the task!

Let’s make one more layout, and this one can either be super plain or decorated any way you like!

Supplies (bubble letters layout):

  • Markers in favorite colors
  • Micron pen
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge or ruler

Starting at the bottom of your page and working up, number the days of the month in reverse order. That way, number 1 will be at the top and you’ll still have plenty of room for our cute header. Go over the numbers in pen. Now you’re going to draw a line vertically next to the numbers, and then turn it into a thin tall box.

Leaving a space in between, keep making as many of these boxes as you have habits. Now, go down the boxes and make little dots in between each day going across like shown.

Your tracker should look like this! Now use your marker to write your title in whatever style you would like, and then outline the letters with your black pen to turn them into bubble letters. Now you just need to either do a cute doodle to mark each habit at the top of the box! If you like a simple design, you can leave it here.

I decided to add some easy heart vines. Just doodle some wavy lines across the open area of the page and then draw hearts going down the vines. Then just color your hearts in with coordinating colors and you’re all done!

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Teens

To fill out this habit tracker, you just color in one box each day! I hope you all had fun learning how to make these bullet journal habit trackers, and I can’t wait to see how creative you can get with these ideas!

Be sure to also check out these BUJO habit tracker printables. (Such an easy way to track your new healthy routines!)

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