BuJo for Teens – Monthly Layouts

I’m so excited to share a new series with you – BuJo for Teens! I absolutely love bullet journaling and it’s a great way to get organized. I’m going to be sharing different layout ideas that are super easy to do and don’t require lots of time or art skills.

Bullet Journaling for Teens - Monthly Layouts

Today I’m going to be sharing three different monthly layouts that only require very basic supplies. You can easily change these up to create a whole bunch of different designs, or add doodles if you’d like. I left doodles out to make these designs super easy, though I’ll be teaching you how to do a whole bunch of easy doodles in a future post.

Bullet Journaling for Teens – Monthly Layouts

Supplies (for every layout):

  • Bullet Journal. I use a Piccadilly dotted notebook, but any notebook works.
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pen. I love the Pigma Micron pens because they dry fast and don’t smear if you color over them.
  • Markers or highlighters. I’m using Crayola Super Tips, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and Pilot Frixion Highlighters.

First, it’s always helpful to look at a calendar for the month you’re creating. So you can plan the layout better, the calendar on your phone or computer works great, just so you can see the how the days and dates match up. I always start by sketching out my calendar and basic layout with a pencil.

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For this first design, I’m doing a minimal block calendar design with a section for reminders. I always include the month, year, and the days of the week. The exact layout will change depending on the size of notebook you have. Mine is pretty small, so most of my day blocks are only 5 x 6 squares big. When you have the design how you like it, go over it carefully with your pen. Don’t forget the titles too. Here I also chose to put the dates in the middle of the boxes, so I did squiggly dots with my markers and write the dates over them.

I love a floral theme, so next I took my markers and hand drew a bunch of 4 and 5 petalled flowers. Just make it totally random and don’t worry if each flower looks completely different.

Next I took my pen again and did a quick sketch line over a few of the flowers. Then I gave all the marker about 5 minutes to dry, and then erased all my pencil lines.

Bullet Journaling for Teens - Monthly Layouts

Here’s the final layout! I think it’s so bright and happy for spring.

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For the next layout, I used the same supplies and just switched out the markers I was using. This time, I drew out individual boxes for each of the days, and did a large box underneath for notes. I outlined each box with a different color marker.

And also wrote the days of the week, and month header. I wrote the dates in the upper corner of the day boxes, then I outlined the big box as well and added a couple colored lines.

To finish off the design I draw a few more colored lines along the top of the page, and a couple near the bottom. You can leave the lines out if you prefer a simpler design. Don’t forget to erase any pencil lines!

Here’s the final design. I used three highlighters instead of pens.

For this layout I wanted taller, thinner boxes with headers. So I sketched them out with my pencil, and then added a decorative box for the month and a star of decorative boxes for extra notes. Then added the month and the days of the week. I went over everything carefully with my pen, and then erased all the pencil lines. I filled in the headers of the boxes with the highlighters.

Bullet Journaling for Teens - Monthly Layouts

Then I just did some colored lines on the inside of the decorative boxes, and added a dotted border around the outside of the whole layout.

It’s so easy to create designs with a dotted or grid patterned notebook. I hope you take these basic designs and come up with some amazing monthly layouts of your own, and please look forward to more Bullet Journaling For Teens posts later this month!

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