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Springtime means many a wonderful thing. BUGS aren’t one of those things. At all. ICK. I really hate bugs. Especially creepy crawly bugs. Which is why I really didn’t like putting together these bug coloring pages. I tried to find the least creepy and least crawly images possible.

They are still too buggy for me!

Of course, just because we adults often get grossed out by bugs doesn’t mean we need to pass that aversion on to our kids, right?  Maybe these coloring pages are just the thing they need to keep their childhood wonder of the creepies and crawlies that they find out in the yard and garden.  Even if they do give me the willies, I still have to admit that they do some pretty important jobs, whether it’s pollinating the flowers or eating even worse bugs…I’m looking at you, mosquitoes!

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Bugs are actually pretty fascinating if you get past the ick factor.  They come in pretty much every shape, color, and configuration you can imagine.  Some fly, while others are doomed to a life of walking from one place to another.  That’s no small feet when you’re half an inch long!  Insects like ants can lift many times their own body weight, a marvel of physics and nature!  And, of course, where would we be without all the hard work of the bees?  From helping our food to grow to making tasty, tasty honey, those little guys really do take care of us.

After all that, I guess I have to admit that bugs are pretty cool.  That said, I still don’t want them anywhere near me and am happy to just enjoy them on these bug coloring pages instead of in person.

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