Bright Summer Tulle Wreath

Bright Summer Tulle Wreath

Hi there! Today I’m going to show you how to make this Bright Summer Tulle Wreath! This is a great project for summer and can easily be customized to match your decor or even a party theme. Let’s get started!

Make a pretty tulle hair bow with the leftover tulle from this project!

Bright Summer Tulle Wreath


  • Foam wreath. You can get any size you’d prefer.
  • Rolls of tulle. It took 4 rolls of tulle to make a large wreath, so you may need more or less.
  • Scissors.
  • Large quilting ruler OR a piece of cardboard measuring 18-20 inches long. This is to make cutting the tulle super fast and easy.

Start by deciding how long you want your strips of tulle to be. I went with 18 inches, as that looked good on the wreath. You can make them longer or shorter depending on what you like. I happened to have an 18 inch quilting ruler, but if you don’t, no problem! Just cut a piece of cardboard to be 18 inches long, or however long you’d like your tulle strips to be. Just imagine I’m saying “cardboard” every time I say ruler!

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Starting with the tulle on the end of the ruler, start wrapping it around. A lot. I started with wrapping about half the roll of tulle, and ended up using all of it. When you have a good amount wrapped, go ahead and cut the tulle off the roll at one end of the ruler.

Now you’re going to cut the tulle on both ends of the ruler, where the tulle curves over the edges. This will give us a whole stack of neatly cut 18 inch long tulle strips. Go ahead and do this with all of your colors. When that’s done, it’s time for the fun part! Take one piece of tulle and wrap it around the wreath, with the tails pointing outwards.

Then you’re going to tie a double knot in the tulle, snug to the wreath, making sure the ends are even. Pull the end out straight, and repeat with the next strip of tulle!

Go ahead and push those two pieces of tulle together. Do this three more times until you have a group of 5 pieces of tulle. You’ll want to make sure all the knots are even on the outside of the wreath and lining up with each other. Now just keep doing this over and over again, adding your colors in the pattern you’d like!

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Keep going until you’ve covered the entire wreath. If the tulle gets staticky and hard to work with, you can either rub it with a dryer sheet or spray a light mist of water on it to stop the static. When you’re all done, figure out where you want the top of your wreath to be. Then take a piece of tulle that matches that section, and tie it around just like we were doing before. However, this time put the knot on the back of the wreath. Then tie a second double knot about one inch up. This makes a hanger that blends in perfectly with the wreath so it looks like it’s just floating!

You can hang this on a standard wreath hanger, or do what I do and hang it on a command strip! You can leave your wreath like this, or add a cute summer sign or some little flip flops or flowers to customize it into your own creation! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Bright Summer Tulle Wreath with me today!

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