Boats, Airplanes and Cars Hidden Picture Games

The hidden pictures worksheets we’ve added over the last year or so have been a HUGE hit with you! So we’re always happy to share new sets with you. Today is boats, airplanes and cars hidden pictures – with some super cute and fun twists. A submarine! Hot air balloons! And a FOOD TRUCK. Hahaha, I can’t get over that one! SOOOoooo cute! We love these early learning worksheets because they teach shape recognition, attention to detail, and are a great screen-free activity. They can also double as cool coloring pages – kids can color the entire picture or just the objects that were hidden. Use this set for your truck or car-obsessed kids, a transportation themed birthday party, or for a transportation unit in kindergarten class.

Boats, Airplanes and Cars Hidden Pictures

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Boats, Airplanes and Cars Hidden Pictures

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