Black History Month Preschool Art Project: Garrett Morgan’s Traffic Light

I am a huge History buff. I love to read biographies and visit museums. So, as a former teacher, any time I could share some history with my little learners, I jumped on it. I taught in a predominantly black school, and I especially loved to share inventions from people of color. It was even more fun when I could share something that was part of everyone’s everyday life. My little ones were always so excited to learn about Garrett Morgan‘s invention, and this Black History Month Preschool Art Project was the perfect activity to tie into that lesson.

Black History Month Preschool Art Project

Black History Month Preschool Art Project

Learn about Mae Jemison with this project while you’re crafting for Black History Month!

Traffic Light Craft Project Supplies:

  • Red, yellow, green, and black construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.
  • Optional – Large roll of tape or cup to trace to make a circle.

Garrett Morgan only had a sixth grade education, but his traffic light invention had a huge impact on people world wide. Mr. Morgan is also credited with the invention of smoke hoods for firefighters. My kids always enjoyed this art project because it was something they saw every single day. This project can be done with older children to create a 3D functioning light with cardboard and LED lights too!

Let’s get started! You will only need one half a sheet of black construction paper, and even less of the other three colors.

Begin by cutting the black sheet of paper in half lengthwise. After that, trace or cut out a circle on the red, yellow, and green sheets of paper.

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Then, add a little glue to each circle and glue onto the black construction paper.

Garrett Morgan's invention of the traffic light

Preschool Craft for Black History Month

That’s it! I hope this fun Traffic Light Art Project has inspired you to learn a little more about Black History Month and create a fun craft for your little preschool scholars!

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