Birthday Drawing Doodles for Kids

Receiving notes and handmade cards in the mail is such a treat! And it really does not take much effort to fold some cardstock or colored construction paper in half to create your own birthday cards. As a matter of fact, I think you will find that your kids love creating personalized greetings for their friends and loved ones. I know my girls do. And these birthday drawing doodles for kids are a perfect way to inspire their creativity!

Print this set of drawing tutorials. Grab a pencil with a good eraser and get your kiddos started with these fun birthday-themed drawings. All it takes is a bit of drawing practice and their artistic confidence will be soaring. They may even want to create their own party invitations. I think most of us agree that receiving a homemade card is the bees knees!

We LOVE seeing our young artists in action! Please share pics with us of drawings your kids are doing by tagging @woojrkids in your Instagram posts.

Birthday Drawing Doodles for Kids

Download our kids’ birthday party activities bundle – a collection of 240+ pages of printables to make your party prepping simple!

Check out our printable birthday pennant banner! It’s such a simple piece of decor that will add so much color to your next celebration!

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