Birthday Color by Number Pages

This fun printable party pack includes nine birthday color by number pages. For easy reference, we’ve arranged the coloring pages below in difficulty level from easiest to hardest. Many of our parents and teachers use these worksheets for Pre-K color and number recognition practice. If your little one is new to color by numbers, you may want to highlight the key code for them to help them get started. You will witness much pride as they unveil the mystery picture with their master coloring skills!

Birthday Color by Number Pages

Select a favorite to print and tuck into your next gift bag as a birthday bonus. Or print the entire set of color by number pages at once, design a customized colorful front and back cover and assemble. Voila! You have created a beautiful birthday activity book! Our kiddos love building their own books. It’s a fabulous gift-giving opportunity for them to bust out their colored paper and favorite markers, and put their best creative energies to work making something for others. And the insert choices for you are endless, considering we have thousands of pages of free printables to select from within our archives! 😉 (Here are some of our most popular birthday-themed worksheets.)

We hope your youngster has as much fun bringing these birthday pictures to life as we did creating them!

Birthday Color by Number Pages

 If you’re looking for more for number recognition practice, check out our birthday dot to dot worksheets!

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