Bilingual / ESL Worksheets: English and Spanish Crossword Puzzles

We are SO excited to share these ESL worksheets from our newest book in print: English and Spanish Crossword Puzzles for Kids!

Bilingual / ESL Worksheets: English and Spanish Crossword Puzzles

This book is great for children learning English as a second language, because each page spread uses the same clues and word lists in both English and Spanish. Students can use their main language to help decode the crossword puzzle in their second language. It’s also great for kids who are learning Spanish! The word lists were specifically chosen to include nearly 400 common, everyday vocabulary words that students will need to use on a regular basis. Topics include time, colors, foods, emotions, as well as kid friendly favorites such as holidays, technology, sports and hobbies. And just like all of our activity books for kids, the pages are reproducible for classroom and homeschool use. That makes this workbook a great investment for the long term!

Printable ESL English and Spanish Crossword Puzzles (Crucigramas en Español!)

Please print and share these free sample worksheets to get an idea of the quality of the puzzles in our new book! And if you think your bilingual students will love this activity as much as we do, please buy the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

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