Beaded Ankle Bracelet Craft

Beaded Ankle Bracelet Craft

Hello! Today I’m showing you how to make this Beaded Ankle Bracelet Craft! You can use the techniques I show here with any type of beads you like to create your own custom design.

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Beaded Ankle Bracelet Craft


Start by cutting a piece of your thread that will fit around you ankle, plus 3 inches. I prefer using more thread and having to trim it rather than end up with a too short piece. If you’re working off someone else’s measurement, keep in mind that the clasp system adds an extra inch to the length of your bracelet once all the beads are added. So for an 8 inch bracelet, you’ll use an 11 inch piece of thread and only string on 7 inches of beads.

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String a crimp bead onto one end of your thread, leaving about half an inch out. Use the back half of your crimp pliers to squish the bead tightly onto the thread. Then use the front half of the pliers to squish the bead in half as shown.

Now string on your clamshell bead tip, making sure both ends of your thread are through the hole. Use your fear or round nose pliers to close the clamshell.

Slip your lobster claw clasp onto the loop of the clamshell, and gently close the loop with your pliers. Start stringing on your beads, making sure the first one or two beads go over both threads. If there’s any excess thread sticking out from between the beads, just trim it off. Keep adding beads until your ankle bracelet is the length you’d like.

Let’s get this bracelet finished off! String on a clamshell bead tip, followed by a crimp bead. Take your thread and pass it back through the hole in the clamshell and down through the next bead or two. Crimp your crimp bead and close the clamshell like we did in the first part of this tutorial.

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Put your double jump ring on the same way we put the lobster claw clasp on earlier.

And you’re all done! I love this Beaded Ankle Bracelet Craft, because the blue labradorite beads glow in the sun and this same tutorial can be used to make a regular bracelet or a necklace too!

See how pretty those beads are? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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