Back to School I Spy Games for Kids

There’s a lot of bustle going on this season in preparation for back to school. There are so many activities to plan. For parents: get school supplies, complete all the appropriate school forms, go through kids’ clothing to ensure they have something suitable to wear, create study spaces, set up a new calendar for the school year, and so on. For teachers: prepare classroom rules and routines, set up your classroom, prepare a welcome letter, create lessons and activities…Honestly, I cannot begin to write the comprehensive list of everything teachers need to do for a new school year. From a parent’s point of view, I can tell you that activities such as these back to school I Spy games for kids are so helpful. While I’m making lists, running errands and doing all the behind-the-scenes prep work, my kiddos are engaged in something fun AND educational.

Consider these boredom busters as a multi-faceted teaching activity. Find the object I Spy games aren’t just for fun. There are quite a few benefits and learning opportunities within these printable puzzles. Your child will develop their first math skills of sorting, counting and comparing. They’ll also be developing and refining their visual discrimination and tracking skills. They make great activities in classroom centers and are perfect to use at home too!

Back to School I Spy Games for Kids

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