Back to School Cut and Paste Activity Pages

How is it possible that we are already preparing to go back to school? For youngsters going into preschool or making the transition into kindergarten, this can be a season of trepidation. (And I know from experience that it can be for parents too.) Teachers and parents can use these back to school cut and paste activity pages to help bridge those emotions to generate excitement about going to school. And they will help your young student ease into the transition from home to classroom or from preschool to kindergarten. This is also a perfect activity pack for parents who homeschool. Give these cut and paste pages to your younger students during independent focus time while you are working with your older children.

Back to School Cut and Paste Activity Pages

Filled with age appropriate activities and brain games, these free printables are super engaging for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  This set of worksheets includes puzzles, matching activities, and a number ordering practice page. This is such an exciting time in your little one’s life! And these puzzles provide a great opportunity to talk together about how much fun their new learning experience will be!

Back to School Cut and Paste Activity Pages

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