Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi everyone! We’re back again with another fun polymer clay project… Baby Yoda! Is there anyone who doesn’t love Baby Yoda? In this Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial I’m going to show you step by step how to make an adorable baby yoda that’s the perfect mini size to sit on your desk or decorate a shelf.

Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial

If you’ve never worked with polymer clay before, make sure to check out my Polymer Clay for Beginners guide! If you want to make your baby yoda smaller and turn it into a charm for a necklace or keychain, check out this Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial to learn how to insert an eye pin into it’s head!

This whole tutorial will be without measurements, so you can make your baby yoda the size you’d like. Just keep in mind that the total width will be three times the width of the head, and the total length will be twice the height of the head!

Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial


  • Polymer Clay in light green, tan, black, and baby pink
  • Liquid Clay (optional, for strength)
  • Roller
  • Large ball tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Needle tool
  • Clay or straight blade
  • Index card¬†
  • Porcelain tile (to work and bake on)

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Make sure to condition all of your clay before your begin! Play with it until it’s nice and soft, and then you’re ready to start. Roll some green clay into a ball for baby yoda’s head, and shape it into a very rounded rectangle shape. Set it to the side, and make two smaller balls of green clay the same size. Use your fingertips to flatten them out into teardrop shapes. They should be flatter on the top and more curved on the bottom to get the ear shape. Now take your large ball tool and press it into the rounded part of the ear.

Then use the ball tool and your fingertips to smooth the clay outward. You want a deep dip at the rounded part of the ear that gets shallower as it gets closer to the tip of the ear. Now roll two tiny balls of pink clay, and push them into the ear. Use the ball tool to smooth out the pink so it fades outwards.

When you’re happy with the shape of the ears, take your blade and carefully slice off a bit of the rounded part. Discard that part, and then you have a nice flat side to attach to the side of baby yoda’s head. Press the flat side of the ear into the head, and then use your needle tool and fingertips to smooth the ear onto the head. All the seams should be blended into the head so the ear looks like part of the head rather than just attached.

Now go ahead and attach the other ear the same way! Be careful to not smush the first ear while you’re working. Let’s work on Baby Yoda’s face. Use your large ball tool to gently press in two eye spaces in the middle of the head.

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Now use the small ball tool to make point at either side of each eye, smoothing things out around the edges. Take two small balls of black clay, and roll them into short almond shapes. Press them into the eye spaces, and use your fingertip to smooth out any marks so they’ll be shiny when finished.

To make the nose, take a tiny bit of pink clay and press it below the eyes, and then take a triangle bit of green clay and smooth it over the top to make the bridge of the nose.

Now use your needle tool to draw in the mouth, forehead, nose, and eye wrinkles. Keep them shallow and smooth them out a bit with your finger. The head is all done!

Let’s move on and make the body and coat now! Take a piece of tan clay roughly the same size as the head and roll it into a cylinder. You want it just a bit wider at the base than at the top. To put the head on, we need to rough up the base of the head and the top of the body. Use your needle tool to draw lines in all directions across both surfaces. For a bit of extra stability, you can add a bit of liquid clay if you happen to have some in your stash. Press the head and body together firmly, but gently enough not to smush anything!

Let’s make baby yoda’s robe. Grab a bit of tan clay, and roll it out to a rough rectangle. Make sure that it’s long enough to wrap around the body and overlap a bit. Use your blade to cut the bottom flat, and then fold the rounded top down so it’s just a tiny bit taller than the body. We want the finished robe to wrap right under his chin. On the part we folded over, use your needle tool to make tiny dots and X’s. This roughs up the surface of the clay and makes it look like fur or textured cloth.

See how cool that looks? Really feel free to play around with textures when you’re working with clay. Now wrap the robe around baby yoda, and fold the end that lands on top back over a bit. Make sure the robe is tucked under his chin all the way around, as this will add extra strength to the neck. Now set baby yoda on top of an index card to keep the bottom from getting shiny. Place the index card on top of your porcelain tile and bake in the oven according to the directions on the polymer clay you used. I used Sculpey III, and baked it at 275 F for 30 minutes.

Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial

When it’s finished baking, let it cool on the tile for at least 30 minutes. Take it off, and your Baby Yoda is all done!

Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial

I hope you found this Baby Yoda Polymer Clay Tutorial helpful, and we’d love to see what you make!

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