Area and Perimeter Word Problem Worksheets for Earth Day

We are continuing our math word problem worksheet series with a new set for late April just in time for Earth Day! These worksheets specifically help students learn how to calculate Area and Perimeter. They are created for 3rd grade level students and follow the Common Core guidelines for the timeline of what to teach throughout the school year.

Example questions from these area and perimeter word problem worksheets for Earth Day:

  1. Mr. Brown is planting trees in a field that is 1 mile long and 2 miles wide. How much area is in his field?
  2. David has a front yard that is square. One of the sides is 11 feet long. What is the area of his front yard?
  3. Gertrude walks the perimeter of an odd shaped building every morning. If the sides of the building are 12 meters, 13 meters, 15 meters and 17 meters, how far does she walk?

3rd Grade Word Problems to calculate area and perimeter

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