Aquarium Kids Craft in a Candy Tin

My kids loved going to the aquarium all year long, but we really seemed to enjoy it more in the Summer. My boys desperately wanted pet fish, but as a busy mom with 4 young boys, another thing to take care of was not being added to our family. But, they were happy to come home and create their own candy tin aquarium kids craft project after we left the aquarium. 

Aquarium Kids Craft in an Altoids Tin

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Aquarium Craft Supplies:

This is a fun project for elementary school kids to work on. They should be able to create their mini aquarium with minimal assistance. However, younger kids may need more help. But, either way, it’s a fun project to make! 

Let’s get started on this cute little aquarium! Firstly, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

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Begin by painting the inside of the metal tin blue. You can paint the outside of the tin too.

Then, use the air dry clay to create an ocean floor. Older artists can probably make small pieces of coral and other ocean elements. Then, after the clay has dried, paint it, if you need to. The clay I used was whipped air dry clay and it came with small attachments to pipe it out like frosting. So, I didn’t need to paint or glue my clay for this project.

Finally, after all of the paint is fully dry, you can glue the pieces of clay in the tin.

This is a great project to make after a long day at the beach or aquarium this summer. And, your little ones will love having a mini aquarium to play with all summer long!   

That’s it! I hope this fun little craft inspires you to take your little sea lovers to the aquarium and then create your own candy tin aquarium kids craft project this summer. 

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