Animal Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Symmetry can be a difficult concept for kids to grasp. Our collection of finish the picture drawings is really popular as we add to it each season. Thus, we are excited to share this brand new set of animal mirror drawing worksheets with you. These worksheets will help your child see symmetry and practice creating a mirror image. Perfect drawing practice for all ages, these templates will build your creative confidence as you work through the different levels of difficulty. For instance, the bird and the fox are easier than the more detailed animals like the dog and the raccoon. There are 14 darling animals to choose from in this set, including a cat, an elephant, a fox, a monkey and an owl. (The turtle is my personal favorite in this set.)

Animal Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Have fun with these unfinished drawings! We’d love to see your child’s finished symmetry project. So once they’ve completed their animals, please share their artwork with us.

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Animal Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Parents and teachers, here are some adult animal coloring pages for you. 😉  (Great for tweens and teens too.)

If you’re children enjoy drawing, they will love our Drawing Book for Kids! 365 things to draw, step by step!


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