Animal Find the Difference Activities

These animal find the difference activities encourage children to use their concentration and focus skills as they actively engage with the pictures. The object is to find where the pictures are different. Not only are these worksheets a fun and easy activity, they are great visual prompts to conversation. Talk together with your child about the pictures. Review the differences they find within the illustrations. This will help them learn to recognize visual details and process them into language. Use colorful creative words to describe the animals and the pictures. It is so rewarding to witness their language skills and confidence blossom through fun activities like this one!

Animal Find the Difference Activities

This set of find the difference worksheets is another easy prep, mess free activity that gives young students practice in following directions and noticing details.  Prompt your child to look at both pictures carefully to spot the differences. Each time they find a difference, circle that object in both pictures. Make it even more challenging by a setting a timer. Can they find all the differences before time runs out?!

Animal Find the Difference Activities

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