An Out-of-this World Activity Book for Kids

NASA Mars Mission for Kids

Looking for a socially distant event that your kiddo can get really excited about?

An interplanetary adventure that your child can take
right from the comfort of your home?

Perseverance, the robot-controlled rover at the heart of
NASA’s life-hunting Mars 2020 Mission, is scheduled to lift off this summer.

We’ve created an out-of-this-world space facts and activity book to accompany this exciting mission to the Red Planet. Your child will travel through space and time within the pages of this exciting book filled with learning and fun. It is packed with history and trivia about upcoming and previous missions to Mars. Yet between the pages of learning are tons of pages of ENGAGING ACTIVITIES that will redirect your child’s attention to an inspiring event that’s happening soon!

NASA Mars Mission for Kids Activity Book

For kids ages 7-12+, this inspiring activity book is filled with word puzzles, hidden pictures, mazes, STEAM activity pages, step-by step drawing tutorials and MORE!

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Guaranteed to keep any young space lover or budding astronaut busy for hours.

Here’s the pre-release BUZZ about NASA Mars Mission for Kids:

“I loved how varied the pages were – different activities, some educational/learning content while being fun. It was also very interactive/good for multiple kids at the same time, which is always something I’m looking for!” -Katy M. (Mom and Librarian)

I like that there isn’t too much learning, but enough learning so it’s interesting. The facts are spread out in between the activities.” -Brendan (5th Grade Reader)

“My daughter about FLIPPED her lid! She’s been asking lots of questions about space and space travel, the planets, stars…this was right on time!!! She loved it, she doesn’t want to write on the copy we have, instead she decided to partner a notebook with it. We love love love it!!! Thanks you guys again, for rocking another publication!!” -Kristina H. (Woo! Jr. Reader Mom)

From the creators of the #1 Best Selling Drawing Book for Kids and BIG Brain Teasers Book for Kids, your child will love this all-new exciting book of discovery, featuring the Perseverance Mars rover.

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities is the brainchild of Wendy Piersall, a well known blogger, artist and editor from Woodstock, Illinois. She has published 28 books, hit the top 100 best seller list on Amazon, and has been featured on the Today Show, Huffington Post,, and the Wall Street Journal.

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