American Flag Art Project in Pointillism Style

I have always been a fan of pointillism art. One of my favorite summer trips was our trip to Chicago when we visited the Institute of Art. I was finally able to see Georges Seurat’s famous Sunday Afternoon painting. It was truly awe inspiring. So, I thought it would be fun to create our own pointillism style American Flag art project.

American Flag Art Project

Pointillism Art Style American Flag

Learn more about pointillism with this kid friendly Georges Seurat art project!

American Flag Art Project Supplies:

  • Red, white, and blue paint.
  • White paper – I used cardstock.
  • Pencil or q-tips

This project was so much fun to make. But, I would recommend doing this pointillism style American flag with older elementary school or younger middle school aged children. It is time consuming and takes a longer attention span to complete. That age group is also a great age for art history lessons. You can also make a more intricate design, or allow the children to create their own custom artwork.

Let’s get started!

First, add paint to a palette or paper plate. You won’t need a lot.

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Then, if you need to, mark off the blue section with a pencil or painters tape. We just estimated where it should be. Now, dip the pencil eraser into the red paint and dot it onto the white paper. We painted several rows of dots for each red stripe. Repeat this step for each red stripe of the pointillism style American flag.

Once the red paint has dried, you can begin painting the blue section of the flag. We painted our dots closer together for this section of the flag art project.

Finally, after the blue paint had fully dried, we added the white dot stars.

If you want to make your flag a more realistic representation of the American flag, you need to have thirteen stripes and fifty stars. We didn’t make ours very realistic.

That’s it! I hope this project has inspired you to create your own pointillism style American flag art project!

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