Acorn People Fall Nature Craft

Acorn People Nature Craft

Hello! Today I’m sharing this Acorn People Fall Nature Craft with you. This is a great way to use some of the acorns in your yard that the squirrels don’t tuck away for winter. Here’s what you’ll need!


Acorn People Nature Craft


  • Acorns with matching caps.
  • Feathers. I recommend using craft store feathers, or bagged doll hair if you’re allergic to feathers.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Permanent marker.

Start by trimming some of the fluff off of the side of your feathers. I used a variety of colors, and you can even use brightly dyed feathers for crazy hair colors. Take your acorn and place some hot glue on the top, and press the feather “hair” into the hot glue carefully, leaving one side open for the face.

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Add some more hot glue on top of the hair, and press the acorn cap into place for a cute little hat! Then just take your permanent marker and draw on your face! You can make all kinds of different personalities just by changing the facial features. Now, make your other acorns! This one has white hair.

But I decided to give her a little haircut with my scissors so she has a bob.

I wanted this acorn to have bangs, so I put it’s hair all the way around it’s head. Then I just glued the cap on, and then trimmed bangs where I wanted the face to be. You could even give one of your acorns a beard!

Look how cute and different each one looks! You can style each and every acorn to have a different look. This is a great project to do inside when the temperature starts to drop, and you can tuck these fun people inside your fall decor for a silly surprise. I hope you had fun making this Acorn People Nature Craft!!

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