About Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Our mission here is simple:

We support busy parents and teachers by providing educational, enriching, and self-directed kids activities that empower the next generation to value and foster creativity in themselves, diversity in their community, and empathy for their peers.

Most of our activities are specifically designed for children to be able to work independently.

We help work at home parents carve out focus time,
equip teachers to keep students of diverse abilities engaged and working,
and support caregivers with high quality screen-free activities that empower, entertain, and educate.

Our website printables, worksheets, and activities are free for personal and educational use, and we have a generous policy of allowing non-profit and education users to photocopy our materials.

Woo! Jr  has been developing kids activities online since 2008. Join our community by following us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Our activity books are available on Amazon and Mango Publishing. Mango acquired Woo! Jr. Kids Activities in August 2021 in a match made in heaven. 🙂 

Our privacy policy and disclosures can be found here.