Fall Stencils for Pumpkins and Elegant Crafts

These fall stencils for pumpkins have many uses – you can use these printable stencils for your art and craft projects as well as for your pumpkins! (NO commercial use, though). I can’t decide which one is my favorite. I know we’re a kids activities site, but I must admit that I think the grown ups will love these pumpkin carving ideas more than the kids will! But we have plenty of pumpkin stencils for all ages right here – all free to download and print immediately. Have at it! But if you are interested in another set of stencils that are good for grown ups, check out the mandala pumpkins I drew up last year!

Fall seemed to happen much faster than usual this year – and that’s always so hard because summer is my favorite season. That is, summer my favorite season until fall gets here, and then I’m torn as to which season I love more. Anyway, we are pretty well known for our original pumpkin stencils – we actually had our server crash one year right before Halloween because they are so popular. So, I’m happy to announce that we’re adding a LOT of new sets this year!

Download 100+ of our PDF pumpkin stencils at once right here!

Fall Stencils for Pumpkins

Instructions on How to Use Pumpkin Stencils

We finally put together a video tutorial last year on how to use carve a pumpkin with printable stencils. It’s an easy process – the hard part is choosing which stencil to use!

Free elegant fall stencils for pumpkins and crafts

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