4th of July Kids Crafts: Finger Puppets

I’m always so excited to post another set of pipe cleaner finger puppets – they are one of my most popular crafts of all! These 4th of July kids crafts are super-easy and yet also super-satisfying for kids to make. Especially if your kids are older than 7 or so they are pretty fool-proof. It makes children especially proud of their creations!

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4th of July Kids Crafts

4th of July Kids Crafts – Finger Puppets

4th of July Finger Puppets Craft Materials List

I’ve placed a photograph next to each finger puppet with the exact materials needed for each. All of them require a very easy to find set of stuff:

Pipe Cleaners

Pom Poms

Googly Eyes

Glue (Hot glue gun works best, but I’ve since discovered that even regular glue will suffice, it just takes longer to dry)

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Wire Cutters (So you don’t ruin your scissors cutting the pipe cleaners)

How to Make These 4th of July Puppet Crafts

Please refer to the original Easter finger puppets post for general assembly instructions. Or here’s a quick video of making one of them in action!

It explains the general instructions on how to wind the pipe cleaners around your finger and how to attach the pom poms accurately.

The Statue of Liberty Finger Puppet

Statue of Liberty Finger Puppet

Statue of Liberty Finger Puppet

Wind the puppet body base around your finger.

Make her torch by taking a 2-3 inch piece of glitter green pipe cleaner and winding it around the tip of a sharpened pencil to make a cone shape:

Lady Liberty Torch Assembly

Lady Liberty Torch Assembly

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Make Lady Liberty’s crown by forming a green pipe cleaner as shown below. Wrap the end around the rest of the crown to secure the points in place – then clip off the extra on the end.

Lady Liberty Pipe Cleaner Crown

Lady Liberty Pipe Cleaner Crown

Bend a 6 inch piece of green pipe cleaner into the shape of her arms, and slide it in between the body coils. Bend one up to hold the torch and one curled in front of her.

Glue the torch onto her left hand and then glue the red/orange small pom pom on the top to make it look like a flame. I found a medium sized red glitter pom pom that worked perfectly for this.

Glue the head onto the body.

Glue the green tiny pom pom on the front of the face, then glue the two googly eyes right on top.

American Eagle Finger Puppet

Bald Eagle Craft

American Eagle Finger Puppet

Wind the puppet body base around your finger.

Bend a full piece of brown pipe cleaner into the shape of wings as shown.

Slide the wings in between the body coils.

Bend a one inch piece of yellow pipe cleaner in half then curve it a little bit into the shape of a beak.

Glue the white pom pom head onto the eagle body.

Glue the beak and googly eyes onto the eagle’s face

Uncle Sam Finger Puppet

(Note that I also added two tiny white pom poms for buttons on his coat!)

Uncle Sam Craft

Uncle Sam Finger Puppet

Wind the finger puppet base.

Make Uncle Sam’s top hat with a blue and red pipe cleaner – use the instructions from my Cat in the Hat craft:

Bend a two and a half inch piece of pipe cleaner into the shape of a bow tie as shown.

Glue his pom pom head onto the puppet body.

Glue the medium white pom pom onto the bottom of his face for his beard.

Glue Uncle Sam’s nose and googly eyes in place.

Glue his top hat onto his head, then glue the bow tie and white buttons onto the front of his coat.

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