3rd Grade Mid Year Review Math Worksheets for Christmas

We know that the Christmas season is a challenging time of year to keep kids focused on school work! They are indeed daydreaming about winter break and all of the fun holiday happenings. That’s why going over previous lessons is a great way to reinforce learning and break tasks down into easy chunks. These 3rd grade mid year review math worksheets cover all of the math word problem worksheets sets we’ve posted for the first half of the school year: Division, Order of Operations, Estimating & Rounding, and Math Patterns. This entire series of worksheets also correspond to the Common Core 3rd grade math curriculum guidelines.

You might also enjoy our Christmas mystery pictures coloring pages (sneak in some data table practice!).

3rd Grade Mid Year Review Math Worksheets

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Be sure to also check out our math practice flashcards printables!

3rd Grade Mid Year Review Math Worksheets

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