30 Fall Writing Prompts For 1st Graders

One of the hardest challenges that students in 1st grade have, whether they’re in public school or homeschooled, is learning how to write creatively. Creative writing is something that a lot of kids struggle with, but it’s important for them to work on in order to improve their writing and encourage inventive thinking.30-fall-writing-prompts-for-1st-graders-pic

I’ve found that sometimes the best help you can give a child is to give them an idea, or list of ideas, to get them started. Some kids are just bursting with ideas, and others will sit there for a long time  trying to come up with anything to write about. Every kid can be a great writer, but they might need some fun ideas to help kick start their process.

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To help your young writer practice their skills, here’s a printable list of 30 Fall Writing Prompts for 1st Graders. These were thought up with 1st graders in mind, but can easily be used with any student working on creative writing! There’s a little bit of everything, including Halloween and Thanksgiving prompts.

Here are some tips to help encourage reluctant writers:

  •  Have a fun writing implement! Let them use cute pencils, gel pens, markers, or crayons to write their practice sentences.
  • Let them pick the prompt they want to use. Little choices can make kids feel more like writing is a fun activity, not a chore.
  • If they have a favorite character, let them incorporate their character into some of their sentences and stories. It makes it more fun, and encourages creativity.
  • Use a ‘carrot’. In our house, what motives a child is called their carrot.  Some kids are motivated by are praise, hugs, screen time, candy, coins, or competition. Keep the rewards small. Find your child’s carrot and use it if you’re having a particularly hard time getting them started that day. A gummy bear for writing three sentences, or 10 minutes of screen time for 5 well written sentences, for example.

I hope some of these tips, along with the fall writing prompts, help your child enjoy and improve their writing!

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