2012 Election Pumpkin Carving: President Obama and Governor Romney

I must admit that I get a little passionate about politics. So this year during the 2012 election, I thought it might be a popular idea to carve some pumpkins in support of the candidate I will be voting for. Who is that, you may ask? I’m not tellin’.

I think it is very patriotic and important to vote and support the candidate we feel is best for our country, and I think our children should have every opportunity to learn about the process that makes our country so great! So no matter who you are voting for, please VOTE – and carve a Halloween pumpkin in support of your choice and display it proudly along with the yard signs that are appearing everywhere at this point!

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FYI – there is no difference between the black and white and color face stencils, except for the fact that the black and white ones are a bit larger. Since the light and shadows in these portraits are shown in reverse, it is a little difficult to tell what they will look like when finished unless you can see them in action on a pumpkin – hence, we’ve posted both. You can choose whichever one you find will be easier to work with – they will look the same when completed!


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