100 Days of School Activity

Let’s learn how to make this fun 100 Days of School Activity! This activity is delicious and easy to make. I was able to make several 100 Days of School cereal necklaces with just one box of cereal and less than one spool of baker’s twine! We love simple projects. Let’s get started!

100 Days of School Activity

This idea also works with our colorful pasta necklace craft!


  • 1 Box of Cereal. Circle cereal with a hole in the middle works best for this craft.
  • Tape. 
  • Scissors.
  • Baker’s Twine or Yarn.

Begin this simple and delicious project by cutting a length of yarn or twine. I cut mine to about 30 inches. There was plenty of extra twine.

Then, add a small piece of tape around one end of the yarn or twine. This will keep it from unraveling while you lace the cereal on to the twine.

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Next, pour cereal into a bowl. Be sure to pour a little extra so you can snack while you craft!

Then, play counting games until you have 100 pieces of cereal counted out. I made ten stacks of ten pieces of cereal. I love crafts that combine learning while creating.

Now, tape the end of the twine without tape on it already to the table. This will keep the cereal from sliding off the end of the twine or yarn.

Then, begin lacing each piece of cereal onto the twine or yarn. This is a great fine motor exercise, and it will take some time to do. Lace the cereal in a pattern or however you wish.

Finally, remove the tape from the table, and carefully tie the twine together. Trim off any excess twine or yarn.

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That’s it! Now you can enjoy being 100 days smarter and have a delicious treat too!

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