100 Animal Coloring Pages

When I set out to create a huge collection of animal coloring pages, little did I realize that over 20 hours later, I’d still be putting the finishing touches on these animal pictures! WOW, this was a lot of work! But I feel it is so worth it, because it is now one of the biggest sets of animal coloring pages you can find – and the best part is that they look like a set, not just crappy clip art slapped together.

To make things a bit easier on you, I’ve gone ahead and put these in (mostly) alphabetical order.  Need a picture of a crab?  I’ve got you covered.  How about a seagull?  Oh, yeah!  Feel the need to color a buffalo?  I can help you out with that, too.  Just scroll through, and I think you’ll be happily surprised with the options!

100 Animal Coloring Pages

It’s not like we have a shortage of animal printables around here, I just wanted to get one very large set in one place. But you may also like our cute animals coloring pages, zoo coloring page worksheets, or our endangered animal coloring pages, too!

Because you never know when you’re going to need a coloring page of a flounder, right?  Or a mole.  Or an angelfish.  OK, I should probably stop talking about how many different animals are in this set so you and/or your kiddos can get to coloring already.

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  1. Jenn

    These are wonderful coloring pages, but it would be MUCH easier to access them & print them if you could download a zip, or PDF of all of them rather than opening & printing or saving each individually. It’s VERY timeconsuming.

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